This is where your bio will appear!

However, don’t just cut and paste your bio without making sure it’s the RIGHT bio.

Often, people are visiting your website simply to ‘check you out’ — and they will make important decisions based on what they read on your About Me page.

Decisions like: is this the person I trust to help me solve my problem? Or, ‘is this the person I want to refer my clients to?’

Remember, subscribers can change the text, graphics, and even videos on their ‘About me’ page anytime (all subscribers get login information and instructional videos on how to change the things they can change). Marilee and her team are also available to post changes for you.

Every new subscriber gets a one-hour call with Marilee during which you can ask any questions about any aspect of your website. Some subscribers use some of the time to discuss their bio.

We also have a recorded teleconference that Marilee held on how to write a great business bio. It’s available at no cost to subscribers, so contact us if you would like us to send you the link.

Questions? Send an email here or call Marilee at 855-588-5850, x1.

Thank you for considering a NoSweatWebsite. We hope to welcome you as a client soon!